Willow Von der Berc was born in Santa Cruz california nine months after the Beltaine Festival and spent the first, and many other, years of her life on the road. As a child his mother settled in the central coast of california where she still resides and is seen bicycling to the Cayucos Barbershop five days a week. It was in said Barbershop that W.C. was trained as a hair artist from the time she was old enough to hold a pair of shears. Lucky has this lady been to inherate her mothers education which came originally from the Vidal Sassoon hair cutting theory of the nineteen seventies. This helped him to develop a love for precision hair cutting that has survived and blossomed to this day. His teen years were spent on the road traveling with his musician father in between stints of relaxing on the coast where she learned to drink rum and play the piano.

After a rather feeble "attempt " to graduate high school she decided that it would be best to dedicate her life to cutting hair and playing rock n roll. The twelve months she spent at the San Luis Obispo Cosmetology College are a blur of good times, awesome people and radical hair. Upon graduating she immediatly began work at the Cayucos Barbershop where she learned techniques for mens haircutting and beard grooming from a master barber of over thirty years experience. She loves cutting and coloring both men and women's hair with precision and organic style. It was during this period of time that she also began an internship at a reputable bridal design house in the area. Her passion is and always has been to find the beauty that exsists within a person and to use her powers to help them show it on the outside. Her method is one of coming up with a creative vision and then executing it with controlled attention to details. The next three years came and went with a few ex lovers, lots of dresses and an egregious amount of hair to show for them. Finally she decided that it was time to uproot once more and move away from the small town. Having heard nothing but praise from a recently transplanted friend, he set his cap at San Francisco. Upon docking she settled in the mission and quickly leaped face forward into an exploration of local d.i.y. music.

It was through this exploration of sounds, places and people that she met many dear friends including Captain Tanya Mia. She found work and put her passion away from her wallet for a moment, uninterested in the shmu shmu salon scene of San Francisco. After a year and some change of working at the most wonderful art supply store in the world it was time for a change again. Word had come of Tanya Mia expanding her salon and perhaps looking for another shipmate. W.C. had given haircuts to multiple mutual friends that were seen by the good captain at various shows. Through a process of phone calls lunch dates and the pirate salon expansion party an arrangement was made and W.C. Von der Berc came aboard.

When he isn't behind the chair he spends 78.062% his time playing piano, singing and writing music. She plays in two bands W.C. Von der Ber'cs Gothic Cabaret and The Smell a punk/goth experience. Her other moments are spent lazily enjoying the sun in dolores park, being priestess of the fairy people, talking to her dollys and drinking lots of tea.